Calendar of Activities for 2019

The Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA) has been a benchmark in central banking issues in the region for many years. In a changing economic environment with significant challenges, CEMLA reaffirms its commitment to the highest standards in the study of these issues and changes, not only for its understanding but also to facilitate its management. Thus, CEMLA presents a Program of Activities strengthened for the current year, with a deep commitment to its membership.

Below are the courses, workshops, seminars, meetings and other activities scheduled for 2019. Attendance is by invitation, which is sent about twelve weeks before the corresponding activity. The invited institutions apply to their officials through the registration forms and the confirmation of acceptance is then sent to the applicants by e-mail, once CEMLA has verified that the appropriate profile is complied with to ensure a balanced and diverse participation of the members in all activities.

Date Event
Category Venue
February 5 Regional Meeting on Cybersecurity Issues Conference Remote session
February 19-20 CEMLA-ECB-FRBNY-BCRP Conference on Financial Intermediation, Credit and Monetary Policy Technical Meeting Lima, Peru
February 4-5
Meeting of the Alternates Committee Alternates Committee Santiago, Chile
March 14-15 Regional Seminar on Basel III and its Implementation Challenges Seminar São Paulo, Brazil
March 25-29 Monetary and Financial Statistics Course San Jose, Costa Rica
March 27-29 II Meeting of the Fintech Forum Technical Meeting Mexico City
April 2 Book presentation "Inflation in Emerging and Developing Economies: Evolution, Drivers, and Policies" Presentation Mexico City
April 2-4 Seminar on The Use of Surveys and Administrative Records for National Accounts Seminar Mexico City
April 4-5 Regional Conference on Banking, Accounting and Finance Conference Santiago, Chile
April 23-26 Seminar on Accounting and Valuation of Central Bank Financial Instruments 2019 Seminar Madrid, Spain
April 25-26 Meeting of the Central Bank Human Resources Committee Technical Meeting Guatemala, Guatemala
April 29-30 CVII Meeting of Central Bank Governors of CEMLA; Board of Governors and Assembly Meetings Governors Meetings Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
May 6-10 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis with DSGE Models Course Bogota, Colombia
May 6-10 Seminar on Financial Risks Management in Central Banking

Serafín Martínez Jaramillo

Seminar Madrid, Spain
May 9-10 Meeting of Central Bank Accounting Committee Technical Meeting Asuncion, Paraguay
May 15-17 VI International Seminar on Central Bank Strategic Planning Seminar Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
May 20-24 Payment Systems: Current Overview and Perspectives Course-Workshop Mexico City
May 28-29 V Meeting of the Financial Information Forum Technical Meeting Lima, Peru
June 5-7 Recent Developments and Tools for Economic Analysis Seminar Madrid, Spain
June 17-18 XII BIS-CEMLA Roundtable Technical Meeting Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
July 15-19 Financial Soundness Indicators Course Mexico City
August 5-6 Intermediate Meeting of the Working Group of the Joint Research, 2019 Technical Meeting Mexico City
August 19-23 Financial Programming Course Mexico City
August 26-30 Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting Course Montevideo, Uruguay
August 26-29 Course on Bank Accounting Course Santiago, Chile
August 30 Meeting of the Alternates Committee Alternates Committee Mexico City
September 5-6 IX Meeting on Financial Stability Technical Meeting Montevideo, Uruguay
September 10-13 Seminar on Document Management and Archives at Central Banks. Digital Transformation: Paper, Electronic Documents and Data Seminario Madrid, Spain
September 10-12 Course on Financial Markets Course Nassau, Bahamas
September 11-13 XIII Meeting on International Reserves Management Technical Meeting Lima, Peru
September 18-20 Financial Stability Course Course Mexico City
September 18-20 Seminar on Good Governance and Transparency: Strategy and Modernization of our InstitutionsSeminar Madrid, Spain
September 25-27 XV Meeting of Central Bank Internal Auditors Technical Meeting Santiago, Chile
September 26-27 XV Meeting of Monetary Policy Managers Technical Meeting Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
September 30 -
October 2
IX Meeting of Central Bank Librarians Technical Meeting Madrid, Spain
September 30 -
October 4
Financial Development and Financial Inclusion Course Asunción, Paraguay
October 1st Presentation and discussion of the reports prepared by the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Presentation Mexico City
October 3-4 CPMI-CEMLA Regional Outreach Meeting Technical Meeting Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 3-4 IX Meeting of Central Bank Heads of Security Technical Meeting Lisboa, Portugal
October 9-11 XIV Meeting of Central Bank Legal Advisors Technical Meeting Asunción, Paraguay
October 16-17 FSI-CEMLA Policy Implementation Meeting on Crisis Management Technical Meeting Mexico City
October 17 LIV Meeting of Governors of Latin America, Spain and the Philippines at the IMF-World Bank; CVIII Meeting of Central Bank Governors of CEMLA; Board of Governors and Assembly Meetings Governors Meetings Washington, D.C.
October 30-31 XXIV Meeting of the Central Bank Researchers Network Technical Meeting Madrid, Spain
November 4–8 Workshop on Financial Accounts Workshop Montevideo, Uruguay
November 5–7 XXXVIII Meeting on Central Bank Systematization Technical Meeting Guatemala, Guatemala
November 6–7 Regional Workshop on Financial Cyber Resilience Workshop Mexico City
November 7–8 Annual Seminar on Remittances and Financial Inclusion Seminar Mexico City
November 12–14 Financial Technologies and Central Banking Course Mexico City
November 19–22 Regional Payments Week 2019 Technical Meeting Willemstad, Curazao
November 20–21
XI Conference of Financial Education and Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean Technical Meeting Mexico City
November 25–29 Seminar on “Compiling Natural Resources in National Accounts” Seminar Mexico City
November 27 Meeting of the Central Bank Treasurers Committee Technical Meeting Videoconference
December 5–6 Climate Change and Its Impact on the Financial System Seminar Mexico City
December 9–13
Financial Markets and Instruments Course Mexico City

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