CEMLA since 1952 is the Association of Central Banks of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our main objectives are: To promote a better understanding of monetary and banking matters; help with improving the training of central bank staff; conduct research and systematize the results, and provide information to members about events of international and regional interest in the areas of monetary and financial policies.

Calendar for 2019Training and formation activities on economic and central banking topics

PublicationsSelection of publications that analyze the main financial and monetary topics of the central bank of the region.

Rodrigo Gómez
Central Bank Award Annual award for the preparation of studies that are of interest to the central bank.

Central BanksThe external structure includes 52 members, 30 of which are associated.


Calendar of activities for 2019
Date Event Topic Venue
July 15-19 Financial Soundness Indicators Course Mexico City
August 5-6 Intermediate Meeting of the Working Group of the Joint Research, 2019

Santiago García-Verdú

Technical Meeting Mexico City
August 19-23 Financial Programming Course Mexico City
August 26-30 Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting

Santiago García-Verdú

Course Montevideo, Uruguay
August 26-29 Course on Bank Accounting Course Santiago, Chile
August 30 Meeting of the Alternates Committee

Adriana Alverde

Alternates Committee Mexico City
September 5-6 IX Meeting on Financial Stability Technical Meeting Montevideo, Uruguay
September 10-13 Seminar on Document Management and Archives at Central Banks. Digital Transformation: Paper, Electronic Documents and Data Seminario Madrid, Spain
September 10-12 Course on Financial Markets Course Nassau, Bahamas

Central Bank Forums

BdE-CEMLA ProgramBanco de España - CEMLA Technical Assistance Program for Strengthening the Accounting Regulatory Framework.

Financial Information ForumThe Forum aims at strengthening the financial statistics and information models of the Region's central banks. Members are organized into working and discussion groups and research committees.

Forum of FINTECH ExpertsInitiative that brings together the knowledge and experience of central banks, international organizations, related to the implications of new financial technologies for monetary and financial stability.

Remmitances ForumThe Forum aims to contribute to central banks in the region to advance in the analysis of the impact of those resources in the region's developing economies and their financial sectors, and to identify policies to increase remmitance's positive impact.

Payments ForumThe objective of the Forum is to describe and assess the payments systems of Latin America and the Caribbean with a view to identify possible improvement measures in their safety, efficiency and integrity.

Program of Remittances and Financial InclusionAims at providing central banks and other authorities with support in the development of legal and regulatory frameworks to promote the development of financial services and products appropriate for remittance clients.