CEMLA since 1952 is the Association of Central Banks of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our main objectives are: To promote a better understanding of monetary and banking matters; help with improving the training of central bank staff; conduct research and systematize the results, and provide information to members about events of international and regional interest in the areas of monetary and financial policies.

Calendar for 2020Training and formation activities on economic and central banking topics

PublicationsSelection of publications that analyze the main financial and monetary topics of the central bank of the region.

Rodrigo Gómez
Central Bank Award Annual award for the preparation of studies that are of interest to the central bank.

Central BanksThe external structure includes 52 members, 30 of which are associated.


Eighth High-Level Political Dialog between the Eurosystem and Latin American Central Banks

This high-level dialog between central banks from Latin America and the Eurosystem has been taking place since 2002, and it presents an opportunity to discuss issues of interest and current affairs in central banking. Governors and representatives of twenty Latin American and Eurosystem central banks attended this year's meeting, together with representatives of other regional and international institutions such as the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA), the Central American Monetary Council, the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and the European Commission.




Upcoming activities

February 10–14 Balance of Payments Statistics Workshop
Coordinator: Jesús Cervantes
Nassau, Bahamas
February 18–20 Course on Financial Technologies and Central Banking
Coordinator: Serafín Martínez
Kingston, Jamaica
March 19-20 Committee of Deputies Meeting
Coordinator: Roberto Marino
March 23–27 Workshop on Central Banking for Small Open Economies
Coordinator: Santiago García-Verdú
Nassau, Bahamas
March 30–
April 3
Course on Machine Learning
Coordinator: Serafín Martínez
San Jose, Costa Rica
April 6-8 Technical Assistance Program - Country I
Coordinator: Raúl Morales
To be defined
April 15–16 Local Dissemination Event of the Remittance and Financial Inclusion Program
Coordinator: René Maldonado
La Paz, Bolivia
April 16–17 Local Dissemination Event of the Remittance and Financial Inclusion Program
Coordinator: René Maldonado
Lima, Peru


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