The Publications of CEMLA

Since its foundation, one of the main objectives of CEMLA has been the generation of knowledge in the fields of interest of its members, particularly in matters related to the objectives of the central banks, as well as in matters related to their organization and management. To this end, in addition to the training and discussion activities aimed at promoting better understanding of stories, CEMLA carries out and promotes research and technical assistance activities, which have come to materialize in various publications throughout the history of the Center, comprising a wide selection of own authors, those of its members, related and academic institutions.

Currently, the main publications of the Center are: Latin American Journal of Central Banking (formerly Monetaria), Boletín, books of the joint research and the series of working papers that are divided into two subseries, Research Documents and Public Policy Documents.

The non-active series and collections of publications are currently available in the discontinued series section.




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