XIV Meeting of Central Bank Legal Advisors

Asunción, Paraguay, October 9–11, 2019


Opening words by representatives from the Central Bank of Paraguay and CEMLA

Powers of Central Banks on Fintech Services and Digital Currencies
Daniel Artecona Gulla, Gerente Asesoría Jurídica, Banco Central del Uruguay

FinTechs and the Impacts of Instant Payments Systems in the European Union
Pedro Machado, Director, Head of Department, Chief Legal Counsel, Banco de Portugal

Legal Foundations of U.S. Monetary Policy Operations
Sophia H. Allison, Senior Special Counsel, Monetary & Consumer Affairs, Legal Division, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Access to Information under the German Freedom of Information Act regarding the Monetary Policy of the Eurosystem
Maximilian Ressing, Senior Legal Counsel, Legal Services, Deutsche Bundesbank

The Oversight Role of the Board of Directors of a Central Bank
Catalina Margulis, Fondo Monetario Internacional
Configuration of Infractions and Sanctions in a Risk-based Supervision
Marco Gonzalez, Gerente de la Unidad Jurídica del Banco Central del Paraguay

Configuration of Infractions and Sanctions in Supervision
Lucía Arranz, Directora del Departamento Jurídico, Banco de España

Comments on the Contractual Elements for Investment Management
Maria Fernanda Acosta, Gerencia de Asuntos Legales, Fondo Latinoamericano de Reservas

The Portuguese Experience on Banking Resolution – Challenges and Lessons Learned
Pedro Machado, Director, Head of Department, Chief Legal Counsel, Banco de Portugal

QFC and Classifications of Foreign Central Banks according to the EMIR Directive (EU) and the Dodd Frank (USA)
Valeria Formatto, Analista Principal, Gerencia Principal de Asesoría Legal, Banco Central de la República Argentina
Some Contemporary Legal-Financial Issues - A Barbadian Perspective
Elson A. Gaskin, Bank Secretary, Central Bank of Barbados

The Experience and Challenges Related with Contracts on Banknote Manufacturing and Copyright in Peru
Alfredo Díaz, Sub Gerente Legal, Banco Central de Reserva del Perú