Directorate General 

Manuel Ramos Francia
Director General
Nabiha Mohammad Saade Zablah
Adviser for International Relations

Nabiha M. Sáade has a degree in Economics, graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and has a Master in Science in International Economics, Banking and Finance, from the University of Wales, College of Cardiff, in Great Britain. She worked in the international area of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit from 1990 to 2000, both in Mexico City and in the Delegation of Mexico to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in Paris, France. From 2001 to 2013 she worked in various areas of the Mexican Social Security Institute on issues related to economic and social benefits, as well as affiliation, collection and auditing. For the past five years Nabiha M. Sáade was in charge of the customer service and marketing areas at the largest pension fund management company in Mexico, Afore XXI Banorte.

Roberto Marino
External Advisor to the Directorate General

Roberto Marino is an external advisor to the general director since January 2019. His experience includes positions in the public service and multilateral organizations, which has allowed him to represent his country in various international forums, as well as to participate in the discussion of different economic issues related to the design of adjustment programs, issues of over-indebtedness in Latin America, monetary and exchange issues, fiscal consolidation and banking crisis, among others. In particular, during the last twenty years, he regularly attended meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the Board of Governors of the IMF, meetings of the G24 and the G20, and other international forums such as the Annual Meeting of the Governors of Central Banks of Latin America and Spain, APEC and BIS. In recent years, he was a special representative for the G20 Presidency in Mexico (2011-2012); until mid-2011, he was manager of International Economic Affairs at Banco de México. Prior to that, he held various positions in the IMF, including the position of executive director representing Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and Central America in the Executive Board of the Fund. In the academic field, between June and August 2011 he was Senior fellow of the German Development Institute, where he carried out an investigation on the IMF's precautionary loan facilities. He has also been a professor at several universities in Mexico City.

He completed a PhD in Economics at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and obtained his BA degree in Economics from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).



Javier Granguillhome Morfín
Administration and Finance Manager

Javier Granguillhome Morfín has been Manager of Administration and Finance of CEMLA since 2005. Among his activities he is in charge of the preparation, monitoring and control of the budget, supervision of accounting, treasury and human resources tasks of the Center, and management of the property including security and civil protection. In addition, he has participated in regional activities of the central banks on issues related to his areas of responsibility, as well as in the Alternate and Audit committees, particularly regarding the presentation of different reports about CEMLA. Before his position at the Center, he worked at Banco de México. There he began his professional career in 1984 and held different positions, the most recent being that of deputy manager of the Legaria Delegation. In addition, he served as Deputy Manager of Personnel Administration, Assistant Manager of Organization and Head of Organizational Regulation.

He holds a degree in Administration from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Luis Arturo Jiménez Ramírez
Technical Meetings Manager

Luis Arturo Jiménez has been an Manager of Technical Meetings of CEMLA since June 2019. He has held positions in the private and public sectors and in international organizations, both in Mexico City, Mexico, and Washington DC, United States. In the private sphere, he has been a consultant focused on advising investors about the economic and political landscape of Mexico and Latin America, and the related risks. In multilateral institutions, he has been an external consultant to the Department of Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic of the Inter-American Development Bank and served as an economist in the Government Finance Statistics Division at the Statistics Department of the International Monetary Fund, where he was previously advisor for the Executive Director for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and Venezuela at the IMF's Executive Board. Among other activities, in these positions he coordinated and participated in technical assistance missions in several countries of the Latin American region, some of them on the improvement, generation and presentation of national statistics. He also represented Mexico in various international forums and meetings, and participated in periodic reviews of macroeconomic policies in Mexico (consultations under Article IV of the IMF). His experience in the civil service includes the positions of economist in the Directorate of International Affairs, General Direction of Economic Research, of Banco de México, and Deputy Director of the Political Affairs Directorate of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic. In these positions, his work included the analysis and monitoring of macroeconomic and international economic indicators of different countries, including Mexico, and the presentation of reports about the world economy to its authorities.

He obtained his MA in Economics from the University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom. In the same country, he obtained a Diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics, London. He also holds a degree in International Relations from El Colegio de México, Mexico City, Mexico.

Jesús Cervantes González
Economic Statistics Manager and Forum on Remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean Coordinator

Jesús Cervantes González is the Manager of Economic Statistics and Coordinator of the Remittances Forum of Latin America and the Caribbean at CEMLA. The work of the area focuses on the training of officials from the central banks of the region in statistical and economic measurement topics; instrumentation of manuals with international standards, and aspects related to the prevailing economic climate. On the other hand, the Remittances Forum helps to coordinate the work of CEMLA with the central banks in the several different aspects of remittances, including their impact on the country economies and financial sectors. Previously, he coordinated the Program of General Principles for the Remittances Markets of Latin America and the Caribbean that concluded in 2015 and that was a joint effort by CEMLA, the World Bank and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank ( IDB). This program obtained an international recognition by the Global Forum on Remittances and Development (GFRD) that took place in Milan, Italy, in 2015.

Before working at CEMLA, he worked for 33 years at the Bank of Mexico, where among other positions he served as director of Economic Measurement. He has published several academic articles, mainly on issues of international economy and income distribution, and more recently on issues of migration and remittances in Latin America, especially in Mexico and Central America. In addition, until 2014 he was professor of economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad Anáhuac Norte, and the Department of Economics of the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Azcapotzalco Unit, both in Mexico City.

He holds a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, a master's degree in Economics from El Colegio de México, and a master's and doctoral studies from the University of Chicago.

Raúl Morales Reséndiz
Financial Markets and Infrastructures Manager

Raúl Morales Reséndiz is the Manager of Financial Markets and Infrastructures since 2013. In this position, he is responsible for promoting technical cooperation activities among CEMLA members, ranging from the coordination of experts' groups, research and policy analysis, technical assistance, to capacity building events. Mr. Morales was responsible for the establishment of a group of experts in Fintech, aimed at assisting central banks to better understand the implications of new technologies. Other responsibilities of Mr. Morales include the technical secretariat of the groups on payments and market infrastructures, cybersecurity, financial information and accounting regulation, as well as representing the Center in international financial inclusion and fintech task forces. Mr. Morales advised the General Directorate of CEMLA on international affairs from 2013 to 2014 and in 2018. He has been invited as a speaker at several international forums, including the following: SWIFT regional conference, ECB regional conference on retail payments, summit of cyber security, annual SUCRE meeting, Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, CGBS annual conference, meeting of the WSBI assembly and other public and private events organized by the national central banks of the region.

He holds a degree in Economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a master's degree in Economics from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) and a diploma in public policy from Georgetown University.

René Alberto Maldonado Gonzales
Coordinator of the Remittances and Financial Inclusion Program

Coordinator of the Remittances and Financial Inclusion Program carried out by the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA), the central banks of the region and the IDB-Lab, whose objective is to improve the regulatory framework and the information available on remittances and financial inclusion in order to facilitate the development of financial products and services suited to the needs of customers in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is an economist form the Universidad Catolica Boliviana (UCB), with a Master's Degree in Business Administration of Master's Degrees for the Development of UCB and the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), a postgraduate degree in Quantitative Evaluation of Economic Policies of the Universidad Andina Simon Bolívar (UASB) and a Master's Degree in Economics from the UASB and the University of Geneva. Prior to moving to Mexico in 2006 to coordinate the Remittance Measurement Program at CEMLA, Mr. Maldonado worked for 11 years at the Central Bank and at the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions of Bolivia, in the areas of studies, regulations and in the implementation and development of the payment system. In addition to his previously mentioned work experience, he has been the Commercialization National Manager at Banco Solidario, as well as a Consultant in the Project for the Implementation of the Government Control Law of the General Comptroller of the Republic in Bolivia.



Serafín Martínez Jaramillo
Research Advisor (On Commission from Banco de México)
Santiago García Verdú
Research Advisor (On Commission from Banco de México)