XV Meeting of Central Bank Internal Auditors

Santiago, Chile, September 25 – 27, 2019


Opening Remarks
Silvia Quintard, General Auditor, Banco Central de Chile

Welcoming Speech
Rosanna Costa, Board Member, Banco Central de Chile

Alejandro Zurbuchen, General Manage, Banco Central de Chile

 “Risk Appetite” and “Communicating Visually with Impact
Michael O’Bryan, Managing Director and Chief Internal Auditor, Bank of Canada

The Role of the Audit Committee – What It Takes to Have an Effective Audit Committee?
George Kabwe, Chief Safeguards Assessments Division, Finance Department, International Monetary Fund

Audit Committee - The perspective of a Central Bank: Banco de México
José Luis Pérez, Audit Unit, Banco de México

Setting Up an IA Strategic Plan - Example of Deutsche Bundesbank
Marcus Hornung, Director General Audit, Deutsche Bundesbank - Zentrale

Perspective on Trends, Challenges and Hot Topics of Internal Audit
Michael O’Bryan, Managing Director and Chief Internal Auditor, Bank of Canada

Main Challenges of the State and Governance
Ramiro Mendoza, Ex-Comptroller of Chile Republic, Member of Banco Central de Chile Audit Comittee

Workforce Training in Cybersecurity
Felipe Castro, President (ISC)² Chile Chapter

Audit to the Management of the Implementation of the CSP (Customer Security Program)
José Orjuela and Marisol Aleman, General Audit Banco de la República (Colombia)

The 20 Critical Controls of Cybersecurity
Pablo Caneo, ISACA Chile President

Strategies for Managing Technological Threats and Cybersecurity
Luis E. Pardo, Director of Internal Audit Department, Banco de España

Cybersecurity and Digital Surveillance
Jeannette Maturana and Paulo Sáez, Technology and Information Security Audit, Banco Central de Chile

Data Protection and Compliance
Tamara Agnic, KPMG Advisory Partner and Rodrigo Lavados – Cariola

Three Lines of Defense Model: Evolution, Gaps and Overlaps
Jorge Badillo, FLAI President, Latin American Organization of Internal auditors

Sessions Concluding Remarks