Research Papers

This series appears in 2010. It is a periodic and numbered publication which documents may be in Spanish or English.

The documents included in this series are theoretical, about economic and financial issues of interest for central banks, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, written by researchers and other officials from CEMLA as well as by guest researchers.

They can be finished or unfinished works, which are disseminated for consultation, and in their final versions may be published by academic journals in economics and related areas.

Works also include the review of the state of the art and general literature on the subject of research, modeling and econometric and statistical foundations, as well as recommendations aimed in particular to support.






Are We Ignoring Supply Shocks? A Proposal for Monitoring Cyclical Fluctuations
Carolina Pagliacci  
April 2016
Research Paper 21

Características de personalidad y cognitivas: Efectos sobre el comportamiento de repago
Sonia Di Giannatale, Alexander Elbittar and María José Roa
July 2015 
Research Paper 20

Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean: Access, Usage and Quality
Maria José Roa 
April 2015
Research Paper 19

Manejo del Balance Bancario en México
Fanny Warman D.
April 2015 
Research Paper 18

Prudential Regulation, Currency Mismatches and Exchange Rate Regimes 
in Latin America and the Caribbean

Martín Tobal
November 2014
Research Paper 17

Intermediarios financieros no bancarios en América Latina: ¿banca paralela?
Fanny Warman y María José Roa
June 2014  
Research Paper 16

La inclusión y la estabilidad financieras
María José Roa 
April 2014
Research Paper 15

Integración del capital regulatorio en países latinoamericanos y efectos de Basilea III
Fanny Warman D.
Updated: February 4, 2014
Research Paper 14

Too Rich to Let Me Fail?
Bruno Martins
Ricardo Schechtman
November 2013 
Research Paper 13

Currency Mismatch: New Database and Indicators for Latin America and the Caribbean
Martín Tobal 
November 2013 
Research Paper 12

An Offshoring Setup
Martín Tobal
July 2013 
Research Paper 11

Estimating Contract Indexation in a Financial Accelerator Model
Charles T. Carlstrom, Timothy S. Fuerst, Alberto Ortiz and Matthias Paustian
June 2013  
Research Paper 10

Desarrollo financiero, crecimiento y volatidad: Revisión de la literatura reciente
Rodolfo Cermeño y María José Roa
June 2013  
Research Paper 9

Modeling Hyperinflation Phenomenon: A Bayesian Approach
Rolando Gonzales Martínez 
April 2013  
Research Paper 8

Demanda externa, términos de intercambio y el papel de la política monetaria durante la crisis de 2008
Johana Maritsa Hernández Henao
January 2013 
Research Paper 7

Credit Market Shocks, Monetary Policy, and Economic Fluctuations
Alberto Ortiz Bolaños 
December 2012
Research Paper 6 

Trend Shocks and Financial Frictions in Small Open Economies Modeling
Alberto Ortiz Bolaños and Jacob Wishart 
December 2012
Research Paper 5

Profit-shifting and Welfare Enhancing Trade Protection: An Incomplete Contracts Model 
Martín Tobal
December 2012
Research Paper 4

Redes sociales, confianza y hábitos financieros: un análisis empírico
Sonia Di Giannatale, Alexander Elbittar, Lucy Maya, Alfredo Ramírez y María José Roa 
December 2012
Research Paper 3 

Monetary Committee Size and Special Interest Influence 
Esteban Colla De Robertis 
January 2012 
Research Paper 2 

Monetary policy committees and the decision to publish voting records 
Esteban Colla De Robertis 
December 2010
Research Paper 1