CEMLA welcomes expressions of interest in integrating its permanent cadres by professionals who have a solid academic background (masters or doctorate) in areas of economics and finance, and a vocation of service to regional development. Work experience is also an important factor, requiring five to ten years of successful professional performance in areas related to macroeconomic policies, whether in the national public sector or in international and regional financial organizations.

The Center seeks equitable geographic distribution in its technical cadres, and therefore encourages the interest of professionals from the region. Candidates must have a fluent command of at least two of CEMLA's three working languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. They must also have excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills to work as a team.

Due to the very nature of the Center and its activities, there is a marked preference for technicians from the central banks of our region. For professionals who have held positions of responsibility in the different areas of operational specialization and research in their respective institutions, there is the possibility of limited term contracts at CEMLA that will allow them to deepen their experience interacting with other members and technical partners before returning to their institution of origin.

CEMLA also offers advanced students in postgraduate courses in macroeconomics and finance the possibility of internships that will allow them to advance in research related to their academic theses, as well as participate in the study programs that are being carried out at the Center. Applicants must attach a profile of the proposed research work to their curriculum.
From time to time, specific vacancies occur at the Center, which will be announced in this site, with a more detailed description of the tasks to be performed and the required profile, as well as the application procedure. For more information, please contact