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Payment Systems. Current Panorama and Perspectives

  • May 20–24

  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • Spanish

  • Registration until May 6




1. A comprehensive overview of payment systems and the relationship with other financial market infrastructures. 2. The payment systems map and other infrastructures: some elements. 3. Principles applicable to the financial market infrastructures. 4. Retail payment systems. Different aspects. Role of the central bank. 5. Cross-border payments. Reflections around the correspondents. Coordination with local and international regulators. 6. Central counterparts and derivatives products. 7. Regional payment schemes. Payment systems in Europe. 8. Financial innovation and payment systems. 9. Main risks in the payment systems. 10. Security in information systems. 11. Money laundering and fraud. 12. Financial stability. Monitoring of financial stability with information from the payment systems. 13. Status quo and payments transformation in Mexico. 14. A research agenda for central banking payment systems. 15. Financial inclusion and payment systems. Workshop.


Provide a comprehensive overview of the main aspects of payment systems underlining those that affect the activity of central banks, and to share experiences regarding these aspects.

Aimed at

Qualified professionals from Latin American and Caribbean central banks whose work is related to the different dimensions of payment systems: design, regulation, operation and supervision of these systems. The course comprises both conceptual and practical issues based on the analysis of relevant cases. It is not an introductory course and active participation of the representatives is expected.


Jimena Carretero 
Training Manager
Email:  jcarretero@cemla.org