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Seminar CEMLA - BANORTE: Mexican Female Migration, Remittance Income and Financial Inclusion

May 20, 2024
CEMLA Mexico City, Mexico


The seminar was held on May 30, 2024 at the CEMLA facilities in cooperation with Grupo Financiero BANORTE. The purpose was to present the results of a study on Mexican female emigration, mainly to the United States and Canada, and their contribution to income through remittances to Mexico.

The main results of the analysis were shown to the attendees, which covered aspects such as international and Mexican female emigration, as well as various social and labor aspects of these migrants. The contribution of migrant women to the entry of remittances to Mexico was highlighted in the presentation.

With information from BANORTE, a series of indicators related to remittances by gender were reported, such as the amount of remittances, frequency, gender of the beneficiaries of the remittances, etc. It was also shown how this institution has made efforts to increase financial inclusion among remittance users.

The event was attended by 69 participants representing various media, economic analysts and representatives of the remittance industry.

  • Jesús Cervantes González


  • Ricardo Velázquez