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Closing Seminar of the Remittances and Financial Inclusion Program 

August 6, 2021


On August 6, 2021, with the participation of representatives of central banks, statistical entities, as well as providers of remittances services from the private sector and international organizations, the Seminar for the Closing of the Remittances and Financial Inclusion Program was held. carried out by CEMLA and the IDB-Lab, where the results of the Program were presented during its term.

During the event, it was highlighted that the IDB-Lab and CEMLA have worked together for the last 16 years on the issue of remittances in our region. The Program would have met and exceeded the commitments with which it was initially created in terms of activities and products. However, an exception to this were the on-site visits to the countries that would have committed 8, and only 4 could be carried out due to the barriers posed by the pandemic. These activities were replaced with others in the agreement between CEMLA and IDB-Lab, at the end of 2020.

During the event, the results of the program were also presented regarding its effects on the regulation and transparency of remittance information in the region. In this part, it was highlighted that the program helped the Regulators of each country to develop and improve their regulatory frameworks, as well as to improve and implement better and more information on remittances and that these advances were also achieved, with the participation of the private sector entities, thanks to the bridges that the Program has built between these sectors.


Friday, August 6

Presentation of the Seminar and context of remittances
Salvador Bonilla, CEMLA

Activities and products of the remittance and financial inclusion program
René Maldonado, CEMLA-PRIF

Evaluation of regulatory changes and the transparency of information in Latin America and the Caribbean
Wendy Doñan, Consultant PRIF
El Salvador

Closing of the Seminar
Jeremy Harris, BID
Fermín Vivanco, BID-Lab

Salvador A. Bonilla Leal, CEMLA
René Maldonado, CEMLA - PRIF
Wendy Doñán, Consultora PRIF El Salvador
Jeremy Harris, BID-Lab, Washington
Fermín Vivanco,BID-Lab, Washington