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Biodiversity and Environmental Challenges for the Financial System

November 30 - December 2, 2021


Organizing Institutions

Banco de México y CEMLA


November 30


Biodiversity loss and financial risk

Opening statement

Alejandro Díaz de León, governor, Banco de México

Opening statement

José Sarukhán Kermez, coordinator, National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity.

Can we imagine a different future, one that focuses on social well-being within the biophysical boundaries?

Fireside chat with

Henry M. Paulson Jr., founder, Paulson Institute; Latin America Conservation Council (LACC).

Panel 1: Assessing biodiversity risks on the financial system.
  • · What are the key characteristics of biodiversity-related financial risks?
  • · What are the similarities and differences between the above and climate-related risks?
  • · Why should financial institutions integrate biodiversity risks in their financial decision making?
  • · How are central banks and financial regulators starting to assess said risks?


Serafín Martínez Jaramillo, head of the Environmental and Social Risk Analysis and Policies Division, Banco de México.

Setting the stage

Robert Watson, Professor Emeritus, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia.

Panel participants

  • · Steve Polasky, Regents Professor & Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecology/Environmental Economics, University of Minnesota.
  • · Nick Robins, Professor in Practice - Sustainable Finance, Grantham Research Institute, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
  • · Thulaja Thessa K Vasudhevan, executive, Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • · Romain Svartzman, economist, Banque de France
  • · William Harding, head of Implementation, the UN-convened Sustainable Insurance Forum.

Keynote speaker

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, executive secretary, Convention on Biological Diversity.

Panel 2: Disclosures, information, and tools. Divulgaciones, información y herramientas

Is it possible and advisable to integrate biodiversity risks to the existing tools and information on climate change?

Santiago Lorenzo, head of the Climate Change Economics Unit, UN ECLAC.

Panel participants

  • · Katie Leach, senior program development manager, Share Action.
  • · Margareth Kuhlow, finance practice leader, Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials, WWF.
  • · Aaron Morales Apodaca, ESG Specialist, S&P Global Sustainable1.
  • · Rolando Ocampo, director, Statistical Division, UN ECLAC.
  • · Gemma James, senior lead, Environmental Issues, PRI.


December 1


Assessing impact and its integration in the financial decision process

Opening remarks

Manuel Ramos Francia, director general, CEMLA

Keynote speaker

Partha Dasgupta, Fellow, University of Cambridge.

Panel 3: Modelling approaches to biodiversity finance.

What are the advances in the definition of metrics related to biodiversity and their impact on financial decisions?

Ilmi Granoff, director of Sustainable Finance, ClimateWorks Foundation.

Panel participants

  • · John Tobin, professor of Practice of Corporate Sustainability, Cornell University.
  • · Eva Zabey, executive director, Business for Nature.
  • · Anna Pot, head of the Responsible Investment team for Americas, APG.
  • · James Belmont, climate risk lead, Baringa.
  • · Onno van den Heuvel, global manager, the UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative – BIOFIN.
  • · Nina Seega, research director, Sustainable Finance, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

Keynote speaker

Gretchen Daily, faculty director, Stanford Natural Capital Project, University of Stanford.

Panel 4: Capital markets and biodiversity
  • · How can capital markets generate investment opportunities that
  • · What are the emerging practices or solutions?


Danae Kyriakopoulou, Senior Policy Fellow, the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Panel participants

  • · Christopher Flensborg, head of Climate & Sustainable Finance, SEB.
  • · Frédéric Samama, chief responsible investment officer, CPR Amundi Group.
  • · Sandra Abella, director, eco.business Fund.
  • · Iain Henderson, managing director, Sustainable Finance ADM Capital.
  • · Greg Watson, principal specialist, Biodiversity and Natural Capital, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, IADB.
  • · Matthew Arnold, global lead, Impact Finance & Markets, TNC.


December 2


Opportunities. How to scale-up investment in biodiversity

Keynote speaker

Ronald Cohen, chairman, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment

Panel 5: Success cases and opportunities in financing land use, sustainable agriculture and reforestation.
  • · What are the innovative market instruments that integrate a sustainable use of biodiversity?
  • · What impact-investment opportunities are being developed for land use and sustainable agriculture?
  • ·What are the rights of indigenous communities as custodians of biodiversity?
  • · What is the role of the financial sector in ensuring that the rights of nature and indigenous communities are respected?


Patricia Moles, specialist researcher, Environmental and Social Risk Assessment and Policies Division, Banco de México.

Setting the stage

Thomas Hertel, professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University.

Panel participants

  • · Sergio Rial, CEO, Santander-Brasil.
  • · Tammy Newmark, CEO and managing partner, EcoEnterprises Fund.
  • · Paulina Campos Monteros, director of the Biodiversity Program, GIZ México.
  • · Greg Fishbein, director, Agriculture Finance, TNC.
  • · Andrew Mitchell, founder & senior advisor, Global Canopy.
  • · Pierre Yves Guedez, senior technical specialist, International Climate Trust Funds, IFAD.

Keynote speaker

Pavan Sukhdev, president, WWF.

Panel 6: Financing of marine and coastal resources: success cases and opportunities.
  • · What are the main impact-investment opportunities associated with the restoration and preservation of marine and coastal resources?
  • · How can we scale-up successful innovative investments?
  • · Is a governance of the commons necessary?


Marcos Mancini, senior advisor, UNDP Finance Sector Hub.

Setting the stage

Hon. Kirk D. M. Humphrey, minister of Maritime and the Blue Economy of Barbados.

Panel participants

  • · Mariuz Calvet, director of Sustainability and Responsible Investment, Banorte.
  • · Karin Berardo, director, Sustainable Debt, The Nature Conservancy.
  • · Trip O'Shea, investment director, Sustainable Ocean Fund, Mirova Natural Capital.
  • · Marisa Drew, chief sustainability officer, Credit Suisse.

Conference closing dialogue

  • · Alba Aguilar, general director, Green Finance Advisory Council, Mexico.
  • · Juan Carlos Belausteguigoitia, president, TCFD Consortium.
  • · Rafael del Villar, director, Environmental and Social Risk Analysis and Policies, Banco de México.
Aimed at

Senior officials and senior researchers of CEMLA member central banks and collaborating institutions, representatives from the academic and scientific community, financial supervisors, leading NGOs in the field, and financial institutions with experience in biodiversity and environmental risks or related areas.


Dr. Matías Ossandon Busch

Banco de México
Dr. Rafael del Villar