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IMF Course: Financial Development and Inclusion

June 6 - 10, 2022
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The attendees were representatives of the members of CEMLA, who work on issues of Financial Development and Financial Inclusion. The course involves daily lectures and workshops with assignments and topics spread over two days. Each day began with a discussion of the assigned task. In this regard, the designated representative should have active participation and interaction during the sessions and particularly in the workshops.

Day 1

The day began with welcoming remarks by Dr. Elizabeth Tellez and IMF members Luisa Zanforlin, Adolfo Barajas, and Alejandro Jara. Next, Dr. Luisa Zanforlin taught the topic of: Theoretical framework for the analysis of financial development.  Within the Motivations, the need for an analysis framework was mentioned. In the second session of the day, an Introduction to financial inclusion  was given, presented by Dr.  Adolfo Barajas.  To end the day, the Workshop: Measurement of inclusion and financial development was taught.

Day 2

In the first session of the day, the case study of Measuring inclusion and financial development was taken up. This was followed by the discussion of SME Financing,moderated by Alejandro Jara of the IMF and ending with a general summary emphasizing key points including the tax and regulatory context, and the role of government.  The day concluded with a description of the material for the workshop: Case Study, Financial Inclusion in India.

Day 3

The day began by analyzing the case of Financial Inclusion in India, which was moderated by Luisa Zanforlin, Adolfo Barajas and Alejandro Jara. This was followed by the presentation of The Experience with Microfinance by Dr. Luisa Zanforlin. The day concluded by analyzing the Case Study: from Banco Azteca.

Day 4

The day began by addressing the Case Study: Banco Azteca, then Alejandro Lara, presented the topic: Fintech and Financial Inclusion.  In which a general context was given about the subject.  The session concluded by analyzing the topic of cryptocurrencies. The day ended by presenting the ideas of T-4/Workshop Case study: Development of Fintechs payment.

Day 5

The session resumed the discussion on how to send and receive remittances, as well as the use of FinTech in these issues. Within the discussion on the subject, it was highlighted to have a good follow-up to be able to effectively measure the results. The course ended with a brief and general review of all the topics covered. To close, Dr. Luisa Zanforlin and Dr. Elizabeth Téllez gave the words of thanks and closing the course.