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Seminar on the results of the migration, remittances and financial inclusion surveys collected from Costa Rican emigrants and Nicaraguans 

June 24, 2021

With the collaboration of the Banco Central de Costa Rica and the participation of central banks, statistical institutes, remittance service providers, and international organizations, in June was held the “Seminar on the results of migration, remittance and financial inclusion surveys collected from Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans emigrants” who visited their country in the December 2019 period. The survey covered aspects of the profile of these immigrants, gender, age, education, sector of activity in which they work, income levels, sending and amount of remittances, indicators of financial inclusion, and others. The study represents an effort by CEMLA, as part of the activities developed by the Latin American and Caribbean Remittances Forum, and the Remittances and Financial Inclusion Program, carried out by CEMLA and IDB-LAB, of the Inter-American Bank group. developmental.

- Jesús A. Cervantes González – CEMLA

- Salvador A. Bonilla Leal - CEMLA