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Regional Course on Financial Markets

  • September 10–12

  • Nassau, Bahamas

  • English

  • Registration until August 16


CEMLA, The Central Bank of The Bahamas and the Deutsche Bundesbank.


1. Overview of the course; 2. Benefits and characteristics of developed financial markets; 3. Assessing the stage of financial market development and fields of action; 4. Assessing the stage of financial market development in CEMLA countries; 5. The money market segment: Role of money markets and preconditions for money market development; 6. The money market segment and pricing of money market instruments; 7. Group discussion: Money market development in CEMLA countries and fields of actions; 8. Characteristics of government bond markets: primary vs secondary market; 9. Government bond market development in CEMLA countries; 10. Primary dealer system and market making; 11. Market dislocations; 12. Experiences with market dislocations; 13. Fostering demand and supply conditions in financial markets - Role of central banks and other players.


To strengthen participants´capacities on financial markets functioning, operation, regulation, and monitoring. The Course will guide participants through the process of financial markets development; the role of different players in market development; the role and tasks of central banks in market development, development of the government bond market (primary and secondary markets) and the pricing of money market instruments.

Aimed at

Officials from CEMLA member central banks interested in deepening their knowledge and exchanging experiences related to financial markets.


Dr. Serafín Martínez Jaramillo
Email: smartinez@cemla.org
Phone: +52 (55) 5061 6690