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Regional Conference on Banking, Accounting and Finance

  • April 4–5

  • Santiago, Chile

  • English and Spanish

  • Registration until March 15


CEMLA, FLAR, Banco de España and ASBA.


Financial crisis and accounting. Auditing and accounting: trust, integrity, and practices. Globalization and national sovereignty: implications of adopting international regulations. Credit and the international financial regulation. The importance of central bank balance sheet from the accounting perspective. Role of financial reporting for capital markets. Banking and securities financing: benefits and risks for the economy. Financial stability and instability: strength and fragility of banking balance sheet. Foreign reserves and gold: key accounting aspects. Myths and realities in accounting. Issues for the bank supervision and accounting.


Serve as a forum for discussion of key issues on bank accounting among Latin American and Caribbean central banks and financial supervisory agencies.

Aimed at

Senior staff from CEMLA, FLAR and ASBA members, who are responsible for financial regulation and stability, accounting and other related areas.


Raúl Morales. 
Financial Markets and Infrastructure Manager
Phone: +52 (55) 5061-6676
Email: mmorales@cemla.org