Compendium of Practices: Central Banking Market Operations Framework in Latin America and the Caribbean 

CEMLA hosts a number of technical meetings on several technical areas of central banking. The technical meetings are aimed at exchanging ideas and experiences between members and guest institutions, providing a forum for discussion of issues of common interest.

An important aspect that has been repeatedly highlighted by discussions in the CEMLA Meeting on Open Market Operations is that central banks' actions are shaped by the monetary policy frameworks in which they operate. While these frameworks share a number of similarities across countries at an institutional level, there are also noticeable differences, in particular at the implementation level. 

To keep record of developments of the Central Banks Market Operations Frameworks in Latin America and Caribbean, CEMLA condensed the information on current practices and monetary policy of its members into a single and easily accessible document set, the Compendium of practices of the Central Banks Market Operations Frameworks in Latin America and Caribbean. This "Compendium of practices" includes information on four main aspects: a) institutional aspects; b) instrumental aspects; c) liquidity and central bank operations; and d) other important aspects for CBOF in the region.

The descriptions presented in the Compendium have been shared by the respective central banks and is presented in two formats, at country and at comparable levels. Official references, however, will remain in central banks official publications.