Technical cooperation activities between FIF members

As part of the cooperation and technical assistance activities of the CEMLA Financial Information Forum (FIF), from July 4 to 8, 2016, a delegation of officials of the Central Bank of Chile met with the Bank of Mexico. The purpose of the meeting was to share experience on the development of a Trade Repository (TR) based on the information model for financial derivatives transactions at the Bank of Mexico. During the visit, the delegations reviewed different aspects of the information model, including: recent changes in regulation, design information requirements, data collection, validation and dissemination, always considering the inherent methodological and technological aspects.

Both delegations reported that this visit constituted an effort that benefits the institutions involved and strengthens the spirit of collaboration among the members of this technical forum the CEMLA Financial Information Forum.

FIF Secretariat ( is the contact point to address requests for cooperation and technical assistance in matters of management and use of financial information on central banking.