I Meeting of the Financial Information Forum

The Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA) held the first meeting of the Forum of Financial Information of Latin American and Caribbean Central Banks (FIF) on 8 and June 9, 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico. The meeting was attended by 39 representatives from 27 institutions, including central banks and international organizations.

The objective of this inaugural meeting of the FIF was addressing relevant issues related to the role of financial information for central banks, particularly on: 1) the use of information for the main central banking functions; 2) the structure, governance and the different models of financial information; and, 3) identify and address new information requirements. The debate and exchange of information and experiences among the participants of the meeting helped to identify priorities and issues for the future work of the Forum from two dimensions, the heterogeneous characterization of central banks in the region and progress made in international standards and initiatives related to improving financial information.


Session 1. Central banking functions and uses of financial information

Session 2. Structure, governance and models of financial information

Session 3. Detecting and addressing financial information needs