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III Central Banks Conference on Environmental Risks

CEMLA Mexico City, Mexico,
December 1 - 2, 2022
Hybrid event

Organizing Institutions

Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos, A. C.
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Introductory lecture: Impacts of climate change on the economy and financial system – How does the European Central Bank (ECB) address climate change?
  3. Introduction to the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS)
  4. Panel Discussion 1: A global exploration on monitoring climate-related financial risks
  5. Keynote lecture 1: Climate transition models and data
  6. Breakout session 1: Exploring climate transition scenarios
  7. Welcoming and Presentation of the Climate-related risk Community of Practice in LAC
  8. Panel Discussion 2: Understanding physical risk models and data
  9. Breakout session 2: Exploring physical climate scenarios
  10. High-level Panel of Central Bank Governors A call to action for central banks in the LAC region
  11. Breakout session 3: Developing an action plan for central banks in the LAC region to incorporate climate risks into their regulatory and monitoring frameworks
  12. Conclusion and next steps

The objective of the conference is to facilitate the discussion on the complex issues associated with integrating climate change into central banks’ mandates.

Aimed at

Aimed at senior officials from CEMLA’s Membership and collaborating institutions.


Matías Ossandón Busch
Directorate of Financial Stability