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Meeting of the Central Banking Accounting Committee

May 3, 2022
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The Meeting of the Central Banking Accounting Committee was held on May 3, 2022. The purpose of the Meeting is to serve as a forum for the detection and analysis of relevant topics, for the meetings of Accounting and Budgetary Aspects of the Central Bank, as well as to deal with Governance of the Committee and topics of interest to the Central Bank Accounting Committee.

The meeting program included the following topics: Governance of the Committee; Statute of the Accounting and Budget Committee; the presentation of the analysis prepared by CEMLA of the survey on accounting and budgeting aspects of Central Banking; and, other matters of the Committee. This meeting was a forum for discussion among the members of the Accounting Committee, on recent developments in the area that should be analyzed and presented at the meetings on Accounting and Budgetary Aspects of Central Banking.

In the first session, the members of the Committee discussed the governance and operational guidelines, based on its role as a support body for the accounting and budget managers of the CEMLA member Central Banks. 

On this occasion, the structure of the Central Bank Accounting Committee was defined, since its members appointed a President and the alternate members of each central bank, on the understanding that if there were any modifications they would have to be approved unanimously at an ordinary meeting of the Committee. It was established that the meeting of the Central Bank Accounting Committee will be held annually and in videoconference format.

In the second session, the Survey on Accounting and Budgetary Aspects of Central Banking was reviewed, where the members of the Committee discussed the main results of it, which was applied and processed by CEMLA. The statistical analysis of the survey shows the situation of Latin America and the Caribbean in fundamental points of Accounting and Budget of the Central Bank in 2022. This analysis was of great help to the officials responsible for accounting and budgeting, to know the current situation of the region and glimpse the issues that require attention in the short and medium term.


Gerardo Graziano
Livia Favale
Silvana Andrea Lepera

Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

Ailton de Aquino Santos
Marisa Minzoni

Central Bank of Brazil

Juan Carlos Salazar Salazar

Central Bank of Chile

Luisa Fernanda Silva Escobar
Ana María Zambrano
Yadira Duarte González

Bank of the Republic (Colombia)

Mauricio Guevara Guzmán

Central Bank of Costa Rica

Javier Pacios Rodríguez
Juan Ramón Sáez Gómez
Beatriz López Barahona

Bank of Spain

Víctor Moisés Suárez Picazo
Flerida Gutiérrez Vidal

Bank of Mexico

José Manuel Taveras Lay
Scarlet Libanessa Vicente Veloz

Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

Felipe Córdoba Gómez

Central Bank of Uruguay

Isela-Elizabeth Téllez León