Course on the Monetary and Financial Information for Macroeconomic Analysis

November 1-5, 2021.


Organizing Institutions



The list of topics covered comprises the following: i) monetary and financial information appropriate to analyze a central bank balance, and monetary and macroeconomic policies; ii) revenue from monetary base creation; iii) foreign exchange market interventions; iv) optimal and adequate level of gross international reserves; v) non-conventional monetary instruments; vi) central bank’s capital compatible with a specified inflation target; vii) assessing the vulnerability of the financial system.


To provide the accounting and analytical elements necessary to analyze the panorama (balance) and income statement of a central bank, its connection with the formulation and monitoring of monetary policy measures and the macroeconomic impact of those measures.

Aimed at

Professionals from central banks who perform economic analysis, particularly macroeconomic analysis, as well as officials who are responsible for evaluating the central institute's financial statements.


Jesús Cervantes
Directorate of Economic Statistics