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Seminar on remittances, migration and gender. Presentation of the study carried out by CEMLA, IDB Lab and Banorte

May 31, 2021

In June was held the Seminar on Remittances, Migration, and Gender, where the results of the study carried out by CEMLA, IDB-Lab, and Banorte on the case of Mexico were presented. The study focused on identifying the profile of Mexican woman immigrants in the United States and the remittances they send to Mexico. The Banorte database used in the study included records of 9,490,221 remittance transfers, 30.6% of which were made by women. The study highlighted that remittances sent by women are 20% lower in value than those sent by men and that women are the main beneficiaries of transfers (71%) regardless of the gender of the sender. In terms of financial inclusion, the records showed that only 18.7% of these transactions were made as an account deposit.   


Mexican female emigration and income from remittances
Jesús A. Cervantes González
(in Spanish)