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Balance of Payments Statistics Workshop

Nassau, Bahamas, February 10–14, 2020.


Organizing Institutions

The Central Bank of The Bahamas and CEMLA.


The workshop includes the review of methodological concepts established in the Balance Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6) and methods of compiling statistics that are considered appropriate for several components set out in the manual, examining possible sources of data, and estimation methods for missing or incomplete data. The workshop program consists of a series of presentations and sessions in which participants will be asked to conduct presentations in order to exchange their experiences in the compilation of some items of the balance of payments (BOP) and the international investment position (IIP) in which they have made progress, or where they are facing difficulties in measuring them.

Aimed at

Professionals from Latin American and Caribbean Central Banks and other institutions responsible for collecting and compiling statistics of the external sector, in particular those of BOP and the IIP.


Jesús Cervantes
Economic Statistics Division

Salvador A. Bonilla Leal
Economic Statistics Division