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Workshop on Financial Accounts


  • November 4–8, 2019

  • Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Spanish without simultaneous translation

  • Deadline registration date:
    October 18


CEMLA and Banco Central del Uruguay.


The Workshop program consists of a series of presentations by the event Coordinator, as well as presentations by the participants in which they should describe the characteristics of the process of compiling financial accounts within the framework of national accounts and the treatment given to the problems addressed in the Workshop objetive.


Present and comment on the methodological aspects of the financial accounts within the framework of the national accounts, and to foster an exchange of ideas and practical experiences on the problems faced and the solutions applied in situations such as the use of accounting data in the elaboration of national and financial accounts; the separation of flows in transactions and other variations; adjustments of the financial statements for inflation and changes in the exchange rate; the treatment of financial derivatives; etc.

Aimed at

Professionals of Latin American and Caribbean Central Banks and other institutions, with extensive experience in the preparation of national and financial accounts statistics, and with knowledge of the methodological guidelines recommended in the corresponding manuals.


Jesús Cervantes G.
Manager of Economic Statistics
+52 55 5061 6661 y +52 55 5061 6663
jcervantes@cemla.org and mramirez@cemla.org

Salvador Bonilla
Deputy Manager of Economic Statistics
+52 55 5061 6673