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Financial Soundness Indicators

  • July 15–19

  • Mexico City

  • Spanish

  • Registration until June 21




The course covers the methodological and technical issues related to the construction of the FSIs as analyzed in the new 2019 Financial Soundness Indicators: Compilation Guide, of the IMF. The core of the course are lectures on the following topics: Institutional sectors and financial markets; Basis of consolidation for FSIs; Regulatory framework for depository institutions; Accounting principles and sector financial statements for FSIs; and Central and additional FSIs for depository institutions, other financial societies and other sectors. The lectures will be complemented by practical exercises.


Familiarize the participants with the fundamentals of the compilation and the use of the financial soundness indicators, which allow evaluating the strengths, risks and vulnerabilities of the financial sector at a sectoral level, and generates comparable indicators between countries and regions.

Aimed at

Professionals from central banks and financial sector supervisory agencies responsible for compiling the solvency and risk indicators of the financial sector, professionals responsible for declaring FSIs to international financial organizations for global disclosure, as well as to those linked to the analysis of macroprudential policies.


Jesús A. Cervantes G.
Economic Statistics Manager
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Salvador Bonilla
Economic Statistics Deputy Manager 
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