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X Meeting of the Financial Information Forum of Latin American and the Caribbean Central Bank

May 28 - 29, 2024
CEMLA Mexico City, Mexico

Organizing Institutions

Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos, A. C.

  • Lessons from 10 years of the Financial Information Forum
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights: Bringing industry innovations with central banking
  • Piecing the puzzle together: Addressing data financial fragmentation in central banks
  • Intersecting realities: Advances in the use of credit registry data and real-sector statistics
  • Going Green in Finance: Bringing data gaps for enhanced financial risk and opportunities assessment
    • Discussion from country experiences
  • Navigating the seas of secondary markets and FX transaction data
    • Discussion from country experiences
  • Translating numbers into insights: Effective communication of central bank data
    • Keynote presentation
    • Discussion from country experiences
  • Closing round table on emerging challenges for statistical units
  • Closing remarks

Discussing and sharing experiences on emerging challenges for financial information and statistical units at central banks. 

Aimed at

Aimed at members of the Financial Information Forum including the FIF’s Advisory Committee as well as other central banks and financial authorities’ senior officials who are responsible for areas related to financial information, statistics, regulation, and financial stability.


Matías Ossandon Busch
Directorate of Financial Stability