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V Fintech Forum Meeting

March 23 - 25, 2022

Organizing Institutions

Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos, A. C.
Banco de España


This year, the V Fintech Forum Meeting will discuss on Stablecoins and Bigtechs. It is essential to distinguish between stablecoins and traditional cryptoactives, in order to understand the characteristics and risks of stablecoins from different angles. Once the digital payments landscape is clear (differentiating between central bank digital currencies, cryptoassets and stablecoins), central banks will analyze regulatory challenges and potential public policy responses. All these points will be analyzed in the first two days of the event, while on the last day will be presented the Bigtechs landscape. At the end of the event, an organizational session will be held to agree the way in which the CEMLA’s Fintech group will work on during 2022, which will result in interesting presentations for the next Fintech Forum.


In this meeting, experiences on Fintech and related topics are discussed and shared.

Aimed at

The meeting is aimed at members of the Fintech Forum and senior representatives from the CEMLA’s Membership, who work in financial innovation, regulation, payments, IT and other related areas. We want the CEMLA Fintech Forum to be a space where central bankers discuss research on Fintech and related issues that concern central banks, to communicate about the prompt analysis of risks and necessary regulation to maintain the proper functioning of payment systems. Thus, the CEMLA Fintech Forum is a space for an exchange of experiences, on topics of great interest, among Central Bankers.


Isela Elizabeth Téllez León
Directorate of Financial Market Infrastructures