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Seminar on the data laboratory for access to Microdata by researchers

September 21 - 22, 2022
Digital Format


Eventos 2022

This seminar was held in a virtual format, on September 21 and 22, 2022, and was co-sponsored by the Bank of Spain ( BdE ). The objective of the seminar was to build a forum of experts with the purpose of promoting the exchange of experiences and ideas, both in the development of the projects and the problems faced, as well as in the benefits derived from the constitution of the data laboratories.

The seminar was attended by more than 140 participants, from 21 countries – from Latin America, Africa and Europe. The high demand for this event makes it clear that the topic is as relevant as novel for Central Banks. In addition to the presenters from Bank of Spain, there were presentations by experts from Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Chile and Brazil, which favored the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants.

The seminar agenda was made up of presentations by experts who covered the following topic:

  1. Central bank microdata of interest to researchers;
  2. Organizational aspects related to the management of a data laboratory;
  3. Governance of laboratory data with special attention to confidentiality;
  4. Lessons learned for a Data Laboratory to be a success story; and,
  5. The International Network for Exchanging Experiences on Statistical Handling of Granular Data (INEXDA).


  • Ana Esteban Martínez
    Banco de España
  • Ricardo Arcos
    Banco de España
  • Emma Perez Hernandez
    Banco de España
  • Eugenia Koblents
    Banco de España
  • Manuel Ortega
    Banco de España
  • Juan Peñaloza
    Banco de España
  • Natalia Volkow Fernández
    Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (INEGI)
  • Horacio Lovo Peralta
    Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas de Honduras
  • Alfredo de Oliveira Lingoist
    Banco Central do Brasil
  • Claudia Velázquez Villegas
    Banco de México
  • Carmen Gloria Escobar Jofré
    Banco Central de Chile
  • Rodolfo Ostolaza Berman