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Seminar of Experts on Big Data and Data Science Applications

June 1 - 3, 2022
Digital Format


Eventos 2022

This meeting was held in a virtual format, from June 1 to 3, 2022, and was co-sponsored by the Bank of Spain ( BdE ). The objective of the Seminar was to build a forum of experts with the purpose of presenting some of the advances that have been achieved in these issues in central banks and promoting the exchange of experiences and ideas, both in the development of projects and in the problems faced, as well as the usefulness of the results obtained.

The meeting was attended by more than 145 participants, from 27 countries – both from Latin America and Europe. In addition to the presenters from Bank of Spain, there were presentations by experts from Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic, which favored the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants.

The seminar agenda was made up of presentations by experts who covered the following topics:

  1. Applications of data science in the generation of statistics and in quality control;
  2. Applications of natural language processing techniques;
  3. Economic forecast ( Nowcast ) with data science techniques; Y,
  4. Other applications (RegTech, SupTech, geospatial data, and cash).


Banco de España

  • Natividad Pérez
  • Marina Diakonova
  • Mario Izquierdo
  • José Luis Herrera
  • Beatriz García Bardera
  • José Manuel Carbó
  • Juan Peñaloza
  • Nicolás Forteza
  • Sandra García Uribe
  • Bruno Coutinho
  • Eduardo Kropnick

Banco Central de Chile

  • Dagoberto Quevedo
  • Kaherine Jara
  • Benjamín Vásquez
  • J. Sebastián Becerra
  • Matías Pizarro

Banco de México

  • Leonardo Torre
  • Irving Llamosas
  • Pedro Alberto Ortiz

Banco Central de la República Dominicana

  • Lisette J. Santana Jiménez
  • Juan Salvador Quiñonez WU

Banco Central del Uruguay

  • Maria Landaberry
  • Andrea Barón


  • Rodolfo Ostolaza