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Main features of CEMLA's Program's

CEMLA' s program of activities is designed gathering opinions over the events held annually, as well as the projects jointly undertaken with international organizations. The main interest topics for the member central banks are detected through evaluation questionnaires answered and comments done by the participant officers; opinions regarding scheme and duration of the activities are also considered.


Courses and Seminars

In general, CEMLA's training activities can be divided in two main groups, one for those programs the Center offers to its members with scheduled dates and determined venues, and other for those developed as per requests received during the budgetary exercise.

Summons to the member entities to propose participants, as well as the final programs and schedules of activities are sent approximately two months in advance to the beginning of each program. These training activities are directed exclusively to officers of CEMLA's members and will not require registration fee.

Regarding the programs that CEMLA develops upon request of its members, lecturers are selected among CEMLA's officers, specialists working at our member institutions, international organization officers, and, exceptionally, external consultants. The expenses of these courses are covered by the requesting institution, and are represented mainly by the costs for transportation, travel expenses and fees (if it is the case) of the convened specialists, not CEMLA's staff members. The programs are given in the language requested by the host, though, most of the activities are in Spanish or English.


International Meetings

CEMLA acts as Technical Secretariat of the regional monetary authorities meetings, in the same way, supports to the meetings held by officers with direct responsibilities on specific areas and issues of the members institutions. The programs and methodology of these meetings are developed by committees that identify the interest topics to be discussed in the events; additionally, and when the characteristics of the meetings request it, working groups perform the tasks programmed by the committees and the results are presented in plenary meeting sessions


Technical assistance

The projects developed by CEMLA are focused on regional and sub-regional interest topics. Technical assistance is performed according to the requests made by the member institutions and looking for the greatest interaction between the monetary authority officers. External consultants are called only when there are no other possibilities among member central banks.



The Center publishes approximately 20 publications per year, which correspond to Bulletin, Monetary, Money Affairs and Books. The main objective of the publication program is to diffuse the research and documents presented by officers from member institutions in different forums.


Officers Exchange Program

This program is devoted to increase training and update knowledge among officers from CEMLA's institutions. The The participants will visit, during stipulated periods, regional institutions to learn from specific experiences regarding different aspects of central bank activities. The officers exchange program is made through CEMLA, as per institutions request.



CEMLA process associated and collaborating institutions applications with defined information on the specific study topics (in detail), officers who may participate in the program, their background and personal data, suitable season of the year and timing on visits. CEMLA, if corresponds, will suggest the most adequate institutions, and will make making the necessary contacts for the officer's visits and the correspondent interviews.


Participants traveling:

Before considering all traveling arrangements for the proposed officers, it is crucial that the institution users of this program wait for written confirmation about exchange approval from CEMLA. Traveling and maintenance expenses will be covered by the requesting institution.


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