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Joint Research Program

The Board of Governors of CEMLA, at the request of the president at that time, Martin Redrado, took the decision in 2005 to encourage joint research activities among the Center's member central banks in order to bolster economic research on topics of mutual interest, take advance of each central bank strengths and facilitate the transfer of knowledge among their researchers. As a result, CEMLA established the Joint Research Program which comprises specific annual joint research projects. At the Center, the program is coordinated by Fernando Sánchez Cuadros (Technical Meetings Manager).

Since July 2005, the heads of studies at central banks on the Steering Committee of CEMLA's Central Bank Research Network select the annual research topic or topics. Meanwhile, representatives from participating central banks act voluntarily as topic coordinators for each specific research project. The papers prepared for each edition of the program are presented during the correspondent Central Bank Research Network Meeting, and those selected are published in a special edition, which make up this Joint Research book series.











Submission process for

CEMLA receives articles or essays (papers in general) for peer-review refereeing on a continuous basis. Any person may submit original papers to be published in Monetaria provided the author or owner of its rights authorizes CEMLA to submit the article for peer-review refereeing and grants the Center translating, editing and publishing rights if accepted for publication.

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