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Demand Assessment Mission to Subnational Government
of La Paz, Bolivia.

The Public Debt Management Capacity Building Program (PDP) of CEMLA carried out the Demand Assessment Mission to the Subnational Government of La Paz (SGLP) in Bolivia; which constitutes the first event undertaken at a subnational level. The Mission was held in La Paz, Bolivia from July 2 to 15, 2015.

The Mission was aimed to carry out an assessment of existing public debt management capabilities, related to the middle, front and back office of the SGLP, to analyze the needs of training, and to define immediate and medium-term actions to strengthen those capabilities, through a Subnational Strategic Plan (SSP) drafted during the Mission that constitutes the framework of the assistance from the PDP-CEMLA to the SGLP.

The Mission held several meetings with subnational authorities, based on which the preliminary version of the SSP was designed, discussed and agreed. It was presented to the Mayor and other high level authorities.

The Mayor showed particular interest in the actions foreseen in the Strategic Plan and expressed the commitment of his Government to its implementation. Finally, the Mayor thanked to CEMLA for the Mission and urged its prompt approval and implementation.






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