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Seminar Operational Risk in Central Banking, 2018


  • DATE:
    September 25–28, 2018, Madrid, Spain.
  • Deadline registration date:
    August 1st, 2018
    CEMLA and Banco de España.
    The operational risk management function. Overview of the functions of the Banco de España and associated operational risks. Description of processes. Identification and measurement of risks. Workshop (part I): Mapping of processes. Analysis of criticality. Record of operational risk incidents. Workshop (part II): Identification and assessment of risks. Response to the operational risk. Monitoring and reporting on operational risk. Adequacy of capital for operational risk. Workshop (part III): Response to risk. Contrast of results with other risk databases. Transversal risks: physical security, logical security and IT projects. Technological support for operational risk management. Governance structure of operational risk. Workshop (part IV): Operational risk reports.
  • Objective:
    Provide an overview of central bank operational risk management, measurement, identification and mitigation controls mitigation, as well as problems associated with monitoring and reporting.
    Professionals from areas of operational risk management of central banking or related fields, with experience in this area.
    Spanish (without simultaneous interpretation).
    Jimena Carretero
    Training Manager


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