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XI BIS-CEMLA Roundtable: Globalization and Deglobalization
  • DATE:
    May 31–June 1st, 2018, Mexico City.
  • Deadline registration date:
    April 2nd, 2018.
    Banco de México, Bank of International Settlements and CEMLA.
    The meeting is structured as follows: the first session focuses on the determinants of international trade and migration. The second session explores the macroeconomic and distributional implications of globalization and the third explores the policy implications.
  • Objective:
    The purpose of the meeting it to take stock of how globalization has affected Latin American countries and to explore the implications of a possible stagnation or even roll-back. The discussion will concentrate on the real economy aspects of globalization.
    Senior central bank officials who are able to communicate their central bank's experiences and views on globalization and deglobalization.
    Simultaneous interpretation (English-Spanish).
    María José Roa
    Coordinator, Senior Researcher at CEMLA
    Phone: +52 (55) 50616632
    Email: roa@cemla.org

    Mtro. Julio Minchala
    Reseach Assistant.
    Phone: jminchala@cemla.org.
    Phone: +52 (55) 50616633





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