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CourseThe Coordinated Portfolio
Investment Survey
  • DATE:
    February 12-15, 2018, Mexico City.
  • Deadline registration date:
    January 26, 2018.
    CEMLA and IMF.
    In the course it will be analyzed the methodology for compiling data for the IMF’s Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey. The course also provides an overview of the conceptual framework of balance of payments and international investment position (IIP) statistics to help participants understand the CPIS in the broader context of external sector statistics. The course consists of a series of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.
  • Objective:
    The objective of the course is training the participants to: (i) Compile CPIS data according to the conceptual framework of the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6) and the CPIS Guide; (ii) Identify potential new data sources for the compilation of CPIS data; (iii) Apply compilation techniques and best dissemination practices related to CPIS; and, (iv) Extract lessons from the experiences of other compilers, and discuss the analytical use of CPIS.
    Officials from Latin American and Caribbean central banks and other institutions whose main responsibility is compiling external sector statistics, including balance of payments, the international investment position, and the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS).
    English with simultaneous interpretation to Spanish.
    Jesús A. Cervantes G.
    Economic Statistics Manager
    Phone: +52 (55) 5061-6661
    Email: jcervantes@cemla.org

    Salvador Bonilla
    Economic Statistics Deputy Manager
    Phone: +52 (55) 5061-6673
    Email: sbonilla@cemla.org



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