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On-line CourseCourse on Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms
  • DATE:
    September 12-30, 2016, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Deadline registration date:
    August 26, 2016
    From Monday, September 12 to Friday September 16, Dr. Xavier Freixas will talk about banking models and their use based mainly on his book (co-authored with Jean-Charles Rochet) titled “Microeconomics of Banking”. From Monday, September 26 to Friday September 30, Dr. José Luis Peydró will cover key issues in empirical banking, focusing mainly on systemic risk based on his book (co-authored with Xavier Freixas and Luc Laeven) titled “Systemic risk, crises and macroprudential regulation”. The main topics that will be covered by Dr. Xavier Freixas are: (i) why do financial intermediaries exist?; (ii) the industrial organization approach to banking; (iii) macroeconomic consequences of financial intermediation; (iv) individual bank runs and systematic risk; and (v) banking regulation. The main topics that will be covered by Dr. José Luis Peydró are: (i) introduction to systemic risk, crises and policy; (ii) the credit channel: booms and crunches, and real effects; (iii) the risk-taking and the credit channel of monetary policy; (iv) microprudential regulation; and (v) macroprudential regulation.
  • Objective:
    To provide the theoretical and empirical frameworks to understand and conduct research at the frontier of banking with emphasis on monetary policy transmission mechanisms.
    Central bank professionals of CEMLA on economics, involved in monetary policy analysis and financial stability. Participants should have an advanced degree in economics or equivalent experience, as well as a good background on microeconomics.
    English (without interpretation).
    Dr. Alberto Ortiz Bolaños
    Manager Research Division
    +52 (55) 5061 6633

    Jonathan Barboza
    +52 (55) 5061 6636








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