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Technical Meeting XII Meeting of Monetary Policy Managers
  • DATE:
    June 23-24, 2016, Madrid, Spain.
  • Deadline registration date:
    April 25, 2016
    CEMLA and Banco de España.
    1. Rebalancing of the Chinese economy and its global impact 2. Prices of commodities and monetary policy 3. Pass-through of exchange rates to inflation, and monetary policy implications 4. Domestic impact of non-conventional monetary policy, spillovers in emerging market economies (EMEs), and differences between the FED and the BCE 5. Spillover management mechanisms in emerging market economies (EMEs).
  • Objective:
    Analyze monetary policy in view of the challenges posed by factors such as the rebalancing of the Chinese economy, the dynamics of commodity prices, the pass-through of exchange rates to inflation, the impact of non-conventional policies, and the different policy approaches of more advanced economies.
    Senior officers from CEMLA members and other invited institutions with responsibilities related in the design, implementation and analysis of monetary policy.
    English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.
    Fernando Sánchez Cuadros.
    Manager, Central Bank Technical Programs and Meetings
    Phone: +52 (55) 5061-6670, fax: +52 (55) 5061-6678
    Email: sanchez@cemla.org. cc campos@cemla.org



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