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Workshop Debt Relief and Sustainability Analysis
  • DATE:
    October 1 - 10, 2014, Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Deadline registration date:
    September 12, 2014
    Public Debt Management Capacity Building Program, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (PDP-SECO).
    1. Workshop opening. 2. Why a debt relief and sustainability analysis? 3. Workshop overview. 4. Case study debt strategy: Recent developments and outlook. 5. Recent macroeconomic developments and outlook. 6. Key issues in the debt relief and sustainability analysis for the case under study. 7. Brief overview on Debt-Pro. 8. Tasks presentation by working groups. 9. Data preparation and presentations by technical groups. 10. Plenary: Training on debt and macro scenarios entry to Debt-Pro. 11. Work in technical groups: Entry of debt and macro scenarios into Debt-Pro. 12. Plenary: Results analysis – Session 1. 13. CEMLA's presentation, general necessary aspects for a proper debt sustainability analysis (DSA) for market access countries (MAC) and low income countries (DSF). 14. Plenary session: Review of debt data entry into the DSA template (MAC DSA or DSF). 15. Results simulation and analysis. 16. Writing plan for the report and assigning tasks. 17. Plenary: Results analysis – Session 2. 18. Presentation of the Regional Debt Relief and Sustainability Strategy ECCB. 19. Closing remarks and certificates.
  • Objective:
    Provide a comprehensive training to ECCB and country officials in areas related to Debt Relief and Sustainability Analysis (DRSA), in order to establish a permanent team in the region, capable to undertake or to update periodically this kind of analysis.
    Country officials, mainly from ministries of finance of different Eastern Caribbean countries and the ECCB, and must be familiar with at least one of the following areas: debt recording, debt management and analysis, and fiscal issues.
    Jaime Coronado Quintanilla
    Public Debt Programs Coordinator
    Phone: +52 (55) 5061 6690, Fax +52 (55) 5061 6694
    E-mail: jcoronadoq@cemla.org and pfc@cemla.org



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